Even with 1,500 posts on the blog, it’s always difficult .
It is too difficult to run and write .
It’s probably because I didn’t read a lot when I was younger…

When I was in elementary school, when I dictated at school, I got 0 or 20 points every day.
So I really hated this time for the dictation test.
Now that I’m an adult _ I love that there is no dictation test.

These days, Naver’s features are so good _ I think most of them correct it well when I write a blog and check my spelling.
The old blog editor didn’t have a spell checker._

So, if you look at my old writings from 2010 to 2012, it’s almost crazy when you look at _spelling / spacing.
(Women say they fall in love with a man who misspells them.)
Shouldn’t you ask first if there’s a girl you’re interested in?

If you look on the Internet, there are a lot of / yes / no / easy ways to tell them apart.
Maybe it’s because I have a bad head, but even if I learn it, I forget it again after a while.

So I just give up and write roughly, and then have Naver teacher take the test.
I also want to write freely without worrying about spelling and spaces.
God, why didn’t you give me that ability?
Hello_This is the walking encyclopedia loveism .
Everyone, were you good at Korean when you were young?
I really couldn’t speak Korean.
(Not in the past tense, but in the present continuous tense)

There are two ways to quickly correct spelling, one is
✔ Write within the blog and click the spelling button to check
✔ Use the Naver spell checker in the Naver search bar

Now I can’t write anything without this feature.
The unfortunate thing is that spelling correction is possible in the PC version, but it is a feature that has not yet been added to the mobile version.
please make it quick
I get dizzy.
 Naver Spelling: Naver Integrated SearchThese are the results of Naver’s integrated search for ‘Naver Spelling’.

※ This function has been out for a long time, but it is still a beta version.

counting letters

✔ Search and use the character count in the Naver search bar (This feature is not available on the blog.)
 Character Counting: Naver Integrated SearchThese are the results of Naver’s integrated search for ‘letter counting’.

The thing that sticks together with the spelling test is ‘letter counting’.
Counts the number of characters in bytes .

Usually, when submitting a company resume or when doing supporters & external activities, 3,000 words / 1,500 words / 500 words / 300 words, etc.
Use when matching.
Now that I’m employed, it’s nice that I don’t have anything to use ^_^ The good thing about getting a job

A big bow to
Green Roof for providing a spell checker/letter counter that helps Korean language idiots like me .

So, how many words did you write today?
It comes out to about 1,000 or so.

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